Otok Iž, Ground, Grow & Transform Yoga Retreat, 26.5.-31.5.2020.
S velikim entuzijazmom pozivamo vas na petodnevnu radionicu joge pod vodstvom Ron van der Posta (, ) u vegetarijanskom hotelu Korinjak na otoku Ižu ( )!

Svi želimo hrabro i pouzdano koračati kroz životne izazove. U ostvarivanju takvog stanja uma, nekoliko inspirativnih i motivirajućih dana s punim fokusom na nas same je upravo ono što nam u tome može uvelike pomoći. Ponekad nas, osobito u današnjem ubrzanom tempu življenja, takvih par dana može uistinu i promijeniti, osvijestiti i ohrabriti da konačno poduzmemo one korake nužne za osobni napredak o kojima već dugo razmišljamo.

Ron se aktivno bavi jogom već više od 30 godina. Jedan je od malobrojnih “zapadnjačkih” učenika Bramrishi Bawraji Viswatma Maharaje i voditelj nekoliko edukacijskih joga centara u Nizozemskoj, Francuskoj, Surinamu, a uskoro i u Hrvatskoj (Surya IYSC). Svoje bogato iskustvo i znanje na jednostavan i lako pristupačan način voli dijeliti sa zainteresiranima. Zrači toplinom, mudrošću, jednostavnošću i ljubavlju i otvoren je za sva pitanja.

Otok Iž poznat je po svojem posebnom energetskom polju s pozitivnim učinkom na ljudski organizam. Hotel Korinjak posebno se zalaže za promociju zdravog načina života i jedini je vegetarijanski hotel na Jadranu.
Službeni jezik biti će engleski.

Za sva pitanja i prijave kontaktirajte nas na :
Ron van der Post: +31620095146
Ana Mikac: +385953886048 (SMS, whatsapp, viber)
Facebook: @SuryaIYSC



Have an unforgettable time for yourself on the beautiful island of Iž. Going inside and reflecting on your life in a relaxing and inspiring way. Trough practicing yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation and healthy food you will have a really transformational time in the best way you can image, with humor, discipline, beautiful people and theory based on the old tradition from the Himalayas transformed into a modern style. You will be guided by the most experienced yoga teacher trained in India.

The international yoga retreat consists of 5 course days.
The retreat will start on Wednesday morning at 6.00 o’clock. There will be asana’s, pranayama, meditation and a lecture/satsang until 10.30. Breakfast will be served at 11.00 and break will last until 14.30. From 14.30 until 17.00 there will be meditation, satsang and explanation of asana’s. Dinner will be served at 17.30. Another discussion session followed by meditation will be from 19.00 until 21.00. The program on Sunday will be a bit shorter so that everyone has enough time for their return journey.
The morning practice will be dynamic and challenging. We will discover the possibilities of the body and we will play with the physical borders. Always with respect for what is possible or not. The challenge is to play, not the final pose. We will talk about the logic behind the poses and of the body, the effect and the purpose of the practical part of the Ashtanga yoga. What is the cause of limitation and how can we overcome this limitation. Why do we function the way we do. There is a perfect philosophy which is based on ages of experience of the yogi’s.
The afternoon practice will be preparing ourselves for meditation and the sitting pose, opening the hips and the pelvis. We will dive into the vedic science, the philosophy of yoga practice and due to that we will understand what meditation is and what it will bring us. It is a journey to our inner self, to become a human as it is meant to be.
During the workshop there will always be opportunity to ask all the questions you have.

This retreat will be an excellent start for the beginners as well as a great challenge for those who are already practicing for a while and are looking for more. It is for those who are curious about the background of what yoga truly is.

Those with some serious medical problems should consult a doctor for advice.

*For those who will be interested, there will be a possibility of a special treat at the end of the retreat: going on a trip to see dolphins in the wild and experience the powerful effect those beautiful animals to our state of mind.

*Rejuvenating yoga practices
*Daily meditation
*Pranayama and meditation sessions
*Guided sunrise hiking tour to the top of the island
*9 interactive lectures: yoga philosophy and holistic anatomy
*Daily delicious healthy meals
*5 nights accommodation
*assistance with travel arrangements

and much more.. 

Date & Time:
17.30 26th of May until 31st of May 2020 around 15:00

5 nights at the Korinjak Hotel, island Iž in Croatia (

Food: plant-based (if you have some allergies please let us know in advance!)

€450,- all-inclusive at the hotel beachfront camping
€545,- all-inclusive in a double room with balcony and sea view (pp)
€560,- all-inclusive in a single room
€645,- all-inclusive in a double room single use with balcony and sea view

Payment instructions:
Surya International Yoga Study Center d.o.o
Ratimira Hercega 1
42000 Varaždin
IBAN: HR4123600001102742386
Payment description: your full name, May retreat 2020

It is possible to rent camping equipment from the hotel if you book on time. This includes additional renting cost of 8€ per day.

All prices are without travel expenses, however we can advise you on the travel options.

motivated beginners, advanced practitioners and teachers


For more information, feel free to contact:
Ron van der Post: +31620095146
Ana Mikac: +385953886048 (SMS, whatsapp, viber)
Facebook: @SuryaIYSC

and something more …
Brahmrishi Bawraji Viswatma Maharaja has been educated in the tradition of philosophy of Tulsīdās,. In the same authentic way his student, Ron van der Post (1955), has been educated and trained for more than 25 years, and now owns and runs his own yoga teacher training in Nijmegen and Groningen, the Netherlands, and in France (up to 2019 also in Suriname, South America). He has been one of only a few western students of Brahmrishi Bawraji Viswatma Maharaj since the early nineties of the last century. During these years, he has visited and travelled through India extensively, and trained and studied with his Guru in India, and more specifically in the Himalayas. Ron has been trained as a nurse, social worker, psychotherapist, massage therapist, shiatsu therapist and has studied the subject of nutrition intensively. He has been teaching for over 32 years and has trained hundreds of students throughout the country. He has been invited on numerous occasions to teach at yoga clinics or special seminars all over Europe, Suriname and especially in India.